About us

The Tree Academy took its first shape from a conversation among some acquaintances at The Fig café in Saigon

It’s not fair to advise students to take unsuitable courses just because of the company’s benefit. And if education consultants have little knowledge, how can they provide trustable guidance to their clients – students and parents, hence how are they worth being called consultants?

After working in international education agents, we realized two issues were not uncommon. Sharing the same thought that education must develop from the true quality and the passion of consultants, we founded The Tree Academy in 2013, in the hope of bringing best study opportunities to Vietnamese students.

For the sake of 10 years’ benefit, we must plant trees; for the sake of 100 years’ benefit, we must cultivate people”
(A Vietnamese moral teaching)

Trees are like people; both needs cultivating.

Educating a well-rounded person is like planting a beautiful tree; both needs patience and passion.

Although trees take shorter time to flourish, they lay foundation for people to grow.

Similarly, The Tree Academy is a tree-planting factory where young people are facilitated to approach good education overseas for their future development.

“Education is worth spreading”